In’n’out Fragrances

Niklaus Mettler
Berzeliusstraat 122
1097 JZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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This summer the Eau de Splash – Casablanca is dedicate to all who lay in the hot sand of their dreams, not needing more then sunscreen for protecting their pale skin. Casablanca is a fragrant gesture for imaginative vacations during long office hours. The fragrance was launched in a capsule collaboration with the brand holders of Klaesi Holdener (Berlin), Teuber Kolhoff (Berlin) and nasire (Marrakesh).
Almoist is a fragrance about life in the Netherlands, a farewell gift for an American friend and a multitude of associations that are collected at
The ongoing process of the fragrances interpretations have taken place through the contributions of: Leonie Eichin, Severin Bunse, Drom Fragrances, Dalia Izem, Michael White, Nicolas Incerti, La Vie C’est Facile, Makefonts, Lexi Visco, De Groot B.V., Aptar group, Paul Bernard, Rustan Söderling, Selina Parr, Lara Tolman, Sergiusz Syntiejewski, Noriko van der Linde, NOMAN Studios, Souzanne Oudshoorn, Bonne Life, François Girard-Meunier and Antje Peters.
PRO is the name of a fragrance and a music album by the swiss pop band Jeans for Jesus. The strategy was to sell the newly released record together with a perfume. The fragrance PRO is a creation by Niklaus Mettler and was realised in collaboration with designer Gian Gysiger and photographer Anja Schori. PRO is on sale at
Severin is a good friend of mine who left the Nederland’s for a masters program in the United States. He has been my guinea pig for this particular vetiver composition that I named after him. Now it became a forget me not and I hope he will come back some time to pick up a new blend. Because I attend to develop the formula over longer terms.
The fragrance 'saisissement' evolved from a collaboration with the swiss artist Raphael Loosli for the exhibition “Into Coriander” by Gil Pellaton at the art space sic! in Lucerne. The fragrance was live on sight bottled by Niklaus and sealed by Raphael's hand sculptet silicon tops. The edition was sold infront of the art space on the 7th of April 2017.
Lark is the attempt to express a city in smell and the creation of a professional context in which designer and nose can push notions of smell as well as visual communication of that smell to experimental levels. Lark was initiated by Niklaus Mettler in collaboration with the perfumer Spyros Drosoplolous.
The project was realised with the involvement of Spyros Drosopoulos, Liza Witte, Franzi Müller, Anja Schori, Gunnar Gunnsteinsson, Olaf Zwetsloot, Alban Schelbert, Celiena Yavelow, Andrius Dereviacenko, Marius Schwartz, Severin Bunse, Rick Haring, Vytautas Kumža, Dennis ter Wal, Jiske Snoek, Nora Morton, Waldraud, Ann and Lorenz Isler, Two Rooms, Stefano Wieting.
Niklaus Mettler is a perfumer and art director who lives in Amsterdam. He works in collaborations with artists from different fields and dedicates his creations to communicate the sensual experience of smell. In this way he initiates products that are evolving from a fragrance to a sweatshirt, a flacon, sneakers, a concert or a performance.