The green- and floral notes of a fainting bouquet remind on Iggy Pop's graceful cover of 'Les Feuiles Morte'.

The autumn season inspired a fragrance composition and this still life series by swiss photographer Anja Wille Schori. Published in daisyworld magazine, 2021.

Où est Simon??

As part of a multi-sensory experience designed by Amsterdam-based Random Studio for the French designer Jacquemus, we created a series of five scents that add a playful olfactory dimension to the different elements of the Jacques Tati-esque spatial installation. Our ‘tromp-nez’ accented the surreal maze of giant objects and interactive scenographies that brought to life the brand’s founder Simon Porte’s childhood impressions of the south of France. The five compositions diffused through the space – Public Pool, Sunscreen, Paracetamol, Soap and Toothpaste – tap into our collective memories of summertime, creating an immersive scentscape for visitors to experience as they discovered the new collection.

Girls and Boys - Boys and Girls - Boys and Boys - Girls and Girls

The perfume PRO was launched in 2017 together with a music record by the Swiss pop band Jeans for Jesus. The scented extract of this collaboration is an ode on an energised and somewhat disoriented pop fanbase. The perfume is released in a new edition and can be purchased on the bands online shop

DARE is an olfactory space that tells us about the frictious longing for a raw and natural feeling in a highly rendered world.


DARE is the name of artist Xzavier Stones latest album and the accompanied ambient scent that is available for sale on the artists online shop