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Almoist - Moisturising Skin Serum, 50ml

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Pawlms Trainline

Pawlms Trainline - Handsanitizer 70% Alcohol, 50ml

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Casablanca - Eau de Splash, 100ml

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PRO - Extrait de Parfum Intense, 50ml

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Lara Verhijden and Mark Stadmann are two artists from Amsterdam. Together they contribute an ongoing photographic essay to In’n’out Fragrances. Lara&Stadmann, 2019.

‘Morning Counters Love’ is a work by performance artist PRICE that was selected for the Swiss Art Awards 2021 in Basel. The ambiance of a cooled-off club and its human past-presence is set in scene by three large perfumed glycerin soap cubicles and underlined with a two-channel sound installation.

Aaro Murphy’s last kinetic installation ‘Running Idle’ is an investigation in the debris of industrial synthetic materials. Four scent compositions are diffused from large glass flasks. Each of them is equipped with a pneumatic air stream wich creates a canon of four sounds and a merged scent composition in the space. Art Rotterdam, 2021

‘Nomad Perfume Intense’ is a fragrant idea of freedom and a new element of the identity for the Swiss advertisement agency Contexta. The perfume is passed on by members of the agency in the form of a 2ml sample bottle, enveloped by their personal business-cards.
Image: Pierluigi Macor, 2020.

EEE books is an initiative by designer Marius Schwarz. His yearly online releases are playful observations into the nature of digital publishing. They are released at live events along with a physical objects that leads the reader to his virtual EEE bookshelf. The 6th release OBLIGATION: STUDIO (a sound-piece by Lukas Varady-Szabo) was published with this incense blend by Niklaus Mettler. The incense was also used to smoke up the venue during the original live performance of the piece.

‘Mantras for a Club’ is a new performance production by PRICE. In a multitude of media layers PRICE introduces changing perceptions of our time by the example of clubbing culture, the museum or virtual spaces. In part of his production scents are used in different forms and evolve along his planned tour in 2020-21.
Images: Reto Schmid, 2020

'Semantic Noise' is the title of an installation by the artist Aaro Murphy that was presented at the techno club De School in Amsterdam. Four spinning speakers fastened on poles hummed fragments of an urban commuting noise environment, complemented by an ambient scent introducing odours of rubbers, reception lobbies and green apples. The work with Aaro Murphy is an ongoing collaboration since 2018.

'Take your time until time takes you' is the title of an installation by artist Tatsuhiko Togashi. During his master studies in fine arts at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, Tatsuhiko was investigating the dividing line between smell and taste of bitterness. The outcome of his research was a number of objects and an ice cream flavour that was exhibited at his graduation show in 2018. One of his works was a series of almond shaped pottery flasks carrying a perfume that was composed based on his studies.

Founded in 2016 by (swiss) Niklaus Mettler, In’n’out Fragrances is a house for alternative perfumery based in Amsterdam. In addition to commissioned fragrances, In’n’out produces self-initiated projects in collaboration with artists, institutions and brands from fields outside of traditional perfumery. In times where the Internet has enhanced the culture of the image, Mettler finds necessity in using his understanding for “the visual” to create olfactory spaces that communicate on an imaginary, multi-sensorial and tangible level.

Recent projects include 'Balance' music album release by Martina Lussi, 'Morning Counter Love' PRICE at Swiss Art Awards 2021 Basel, ‘Nomad Perfume Intense’ for Swiss agency Contexta (Zurich), Miglė Editions (Berlin), ‘Semantic Noise’ scent installation for Aaro Murphy (De School, Amsterdam), ‘Mantras for a Club’ PRICE a.k.a. Mathias Ringgenberg (Splendor, Amsterdam, Kunsthalle Bern).

Older projects: ‘Take your time until time takes you’ multimedia installation by Tatsuhiko Togashi (Sandberg Institute), ‘Filtered Beans’ collaboration with Mediamatic for Uitmarkt (Amsterdam), ‘Saisissement’ with Rafael Loosli & Gil Palleton (sic! Raum für Kunst, Luzern), ‘Lark’ performance at Lost & Found (Amsterdam)…

In’n’out values best practices regarding fragrance production, and invests in methods that are guaranteed cruelty-free and respectful of animals, humans, and the environment. The idea that the rhythm of our breathing connects all of us with the world of odors from birth until the moment of our last breath is not only present in the name, but serves as a lead for all the work of In’n’out Fragrances.

In’n’out Fragrances is located:
Bonairestraat 80a
1058 XL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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