Founded in 2016 by Niklaus Mettler, In’n’out Fragrances is an alternative house of perfumery based in Marseille. Taking its name from the most basic source of life – the rhythm of our breath that connects us to the world of odors from birth to death – the house is entwined with the stuff of the everyday. In’n’out creates scents out of the ordinary that inspire people to find beauty in their daily surroundings. In a predominantly deodorised world, the house embraces ALL the smells we encounter, working in constant dialogue with our contemporary existence to reimagine an ‘uncomfortable luxury’ fit for the times we live in.

Drawing on a background in Graphic Design, Mettler brings a sharp understanding of visual culture to the world of scent, experimenting with olfactory experiences that communicate across many layers; a recall to the senses in a time when so much of our lives are screen-based.

The work we do is led by a respect for the world we live in. In’n’out values best practices regarding fragrance production, and invests in methods that are guaranteed cruelty-free and respectful of animals, humans and the environment. 

Clients include Aaro Murphy, Lateral Roma, Balenciaga, Contexta Switzerland, Jacquemus, Oficina Amsterdam, PRICE, Random Studios, Miglė Berlin, Xzavier Stone

In’n’out Fragrances is based in Marseille and Amsterdam Contact: mail(at)

Photography: Annina Mettler, Pierluigi Macor, James Bantone, Anja Wille-Schori, Pius Bacher

Webdesign: Jurgis Lietunovas