Founded in 2016 by (swiss) Niklaus Mettler, In’n’out Fragrances is a house for alternative perfumery based in Amsterdam. In addition to commissioned fragrances, In’n’out produces self-initiated projects in collaboration with artists, institutions and brands from fields outside of traditional perfumery. In times where the Internet has enhanced the culture of the image, Mettler finds necessity in using his understanding for “the visual” to create olfactory spaces that communicate on an imaginary, multi-sensorial and tangible level.


Recent commmisions include the scent scape for Jacquemus at Selfridges London, Oficina Amsterdam, PRICE, Contexta Switzerland, Miglė Berlin, Aaro Murphy, Xzavier Stone.


In’n’out values best practices regarding fragrance production, and invests in methods that are guaranteed cruelty-free and respectful of animals, humans and the environment. The idea that the rhythm of our breathing connects all of us with the world of odors from birth until the moment of our last breath is not only present in the name, but serves as a lead for all the work of In’n’out Fragrances.

In’n’out Fragrances has nodes in Marseille and Amsterdam Contact: mail(at)

Webdesign: Jurgis Lietunovas
Photography: Iris Haverkamp, James Bantone, Anja Wille-Schori, Pius Bacher