Incense Edition,

20 Sticks


20 incense sticks with a total burning duration of 5h.
Ingredients: Oud/Agarwood from Sumatra and Borneo, styrax, nagarmotha, peru balsam oil, tabu no ki powder (Machillus thunbergii) from Japan.

Handmade in Marseille by In’n’out Fragrances


Expect an aroma of: deep, elegant, leather, warm, woody, sensual and soothing.


The fungal infected wood that is most commonly found in the forests of south east Asia has been especially celebrated in the Arab world since the beginnings of Islam. It then took precedence over frankincense and myrrh, which were associated with earlier religions. The high regard in which it was held by the Prophet Muhammad and its rarity made it a highly tought-after, esteemed product. In this blend different kinds of qualities are contributing to a prestigious atmosphere for honouring guests. Its fragrance is opulent, sensual, warm, welcoming and gentle.